IFREE Workshops
Summer Program

2011 ICES Summer High School Workshop in Economics

What will I do at the ICES Summer Workshop?

  • Actively participate in decision making in markets and the leaning process
  • Learn how to apply scientific methods and fundamental economic concepts to explain individual behaviors and the emergence of markets
  • Learn how to employ economic concepts to better understand current social, political, and economic events
  • Get informed about reliable economics sources for further intellectual advancement
  • Earn cash daily from your decisions during experimental games

What are students expected to learn?
After the workshop, students are expected to understand how and why

  • Everything in the market has a cost
  • Trade-offs are part of solutions
  • Incentives guide our decision making process
  • Voluntary exchange and protected property rights create value
  • Prices help gather the dispersed knowledge
  • Profits direct scarce resources to those that value them the most

What will I be provided with?

  • Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments
  • Workshop Package: t-shirt, agenda, the list of staff contact information, the list of participant biographies and photos, the list of suggested readings, the directory of reliable online economic sources, journals, blogs, etc
  • Other necessary supplies



In 2002 Vernon Smith was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

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